William Bey

My name is William & I love to cook. The smells. The colors. The flavors. They capture me. Over the years the kitchen has become my safe haven. I step into the kitchen to cook & the stress melts away, my soul calms for a while, and I feel free.

I fell in love with cooking because, as a child, I watched Iron Chef with my family. Though I fell in love with cooking at a young age, through the years my cooking style has changed & developed. Even more so in the last decade, as most of my adult life has been spent in several countries throughout Central & Western Asia. I have especially grown fond of Persian dishes because of the unique flavors & spices.

Having learned to cook in the States, there has also been a learning curve as I maneuvered cooking in different countries. The hardest obstacle has been making gluten free meals in a region that loves gluten! Also, while most of my recipes require me to cook from scratch there are often options that you can use to save yourself some time & energy.

I hope this blog inspires you to seek out new adventures & flavors from around the globe. May each dish you prepare open your eyes & your heart a little more to the beauty that each culture brings to the table!